Looking into the camera

One of the things that people that follow my course struggle with, is looking INTO the camera.
Do you know where the camera lens is on your phone…? With vlogs, and usually also interviews, you want to look INTO the camera, because then you make “eyecontact” with the viewer.
It could be that you need to get used to this and make it a habit. Try to focus on the camera lens before recording and keep practicing talking into the lens.

Filming in selfie-mode is nice, you can see yourself, the background, and how long you’ve been recording for. But it can also be a distraction – especially if you’re self conscious and maybe even a bit insecure in front of the camera – then you’re constantly checking yourself in the screen. And that’s too bad, because if you don’t look into the lens, you’re looking right past it – thus not making eye contact with the viewer.

I always advise people that struggle with this to stick a Post-It note on the screen. Of course you can’t do this till you’ve got the framing and lighting right, till right before you start recording. This trick helps you to focus on the camera and your story, plus, it can make you a lot less insecure!

     Keep looking at yourself?

     Stick a Post-It note on the screen!