5-day Video Academy (Engelstalig)

127,00 excl. BTW/VAT

In this 5 day academy you learn the skills to make effective videos with your smartphone in a renewed way (form of blended learning).

Receive a daily email with a ton of tips, instruction videos and a challenge. Join two included live one-hour webinars (which are also recorded). Ask Pelpina any questions you have during the live Q&A’s. And become part of a private LinkedIn group. Groups are limited to 12 attendees only, so you can share videos and questions in a small and save environment.

In just 5 days you will learn the ins and outs of making business and social videos. Like preparing an efficient video plan to using proper lighting techniques and editing videos. You will find the details below.

Will you accept the challenge?

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Smartphone Video Like a Pro – Video Academy (Engelstalige versie)

In 5 days, learn how to:

  • Create an effective and efficient video template. I use the same video template for every single successful video I’ve posted. I’ll show you how you can also use this video template.
  • Learn how to effectively use light, audio and framing with your (smartphone) camera so your video looks professional.
  • Get your message across: learn to talk to a camera in a personal and effective way. Get rid of nerves or awkwardness with my hands-on exercises and tips
  • Create amazing shots with your smartphone camera, such as close-ups with blurred background, shots with movement, time lapses and slow motions
  • Get to know the best apps and/or software to edit your shots and make your videos stand out. Learn to add your logo, colored bars, text, music, and captions.

What you get:

  • Receive a video from Pelpina with an assignment every day in your inbox for 5 days. Pelpina shows you handy tips, tricks and exercises, and explains the daily challenge to you.
  • Participate in 2 live one-hour webinars: Film Training and Editing Training (both recorded and sent to you afterwards)
  • Expect to spend about 30 minutes every day completing the challenge. But be prepared: most people love the challenges so much, they spend more time than that!
  • Receive Pelpina’s smartphone video gear sheet with gear Pelpina uses and loves, and get a handy video checklist to use for every video shoot
  • Receive access to Pelpina’s extensive video tutorial library, with a ton of videos on filming tips and editing app/software tutorials
  • Become part of the private Video Smart Group on LinkedIn, where you can add your own videos, ask questions, and receive feedback from other video trainees!

This is what you can do after 5 days:

  • You’ll know how to create an effective and efficient video plan for every single video you’re going to create from now on. This will save you a ton of time on filming and editing,
  • You’ll know how to get your message across in front of a camera. With Pelpina’s exercises, you’ll know how to energize yourself or calm your nerves.
  • You’ll know how to film in a professional way with your phone. You’ll know how to change the light settings on your phone, do an audio check, and how to hold/place your camera while filming.
  • You can make your videos more dynamic by filming creative shots from different angles and distances, and using time lapses and slow motions.
  • You can edit your video in such a way that it’ll stand out on social timelines: you can add logos, images, music, text, colored bars and captions to your video.

Are you ready for this video boost? Get in now!