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Effective video communication has never been this crucial.  I’m thrilled to show you how to grow your visibility with online video.

I believe that by using video in the right way you can help build trust by showing people the real you or the human beings behind your brand.

Are you ready to give your video skills a boost? Check out the workshop/ecourse options below.

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Private: 5-day Video Academy

In this 5 day academy you learn the skills to make effective videos with your smartphone in a renewed way (form of blended learning).

Receive a daily email with a ton of tips, instruction videos and a challenge. Join two included live one-hour webinars (which are also recorded). Ask Pelpina any questions you have during the live Q&A’s. And become part of a private LinkedIn group. Groups are limited to 12 attendees only, so you can share videos and questions in a small and save environment.

In just 5 days you will learn the ins and outs of making business and social videos. Like preparing an efficient video plan to using proper lighting techniques and editing videos. You will find the details below.

Will you accept the challenge?

Pelpina interactive webinar

You learn by DOING!


 In the many years I’ve trained companies around the world, there’s one thing I’ve learned: if you want to become better at creating videos, you’ve got to make them!  That’s why all the workshops an eCourses are hands-on: you learn faster by doing.  

And don’t worry – you can follow the courses anywhere – with the camera you already have (any phone/webcam).

So, grab your phone and get ready for a hands-on learning exprience!

Pelpina is an excellent video coach, she helped me in drafting video plans and becoming more relaxed in front of the camera. She also provides hands on tips and gives helpful feedback to get started with making and editing videos.

Martijn Witteman

Digital Strategist & Team Coach

Pelpina and her videos have helped me more than any other source to produce my videos for social media. Her video tips are presented so even a novice like myself can easily understand and implement. I would highly recommend Pelpina for everything related to video production and creation!!

Al Bergeron

creative director, brand strategist

Need Something More Custom? 

Invite Pelpina to host a custom (virtual) training for your company. 

I help companies to design and implement an interactive social video strategy with the viewer and corporate goal in mind. 





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