VIP Video eCoaching

750,00 excl. BTW/VAT



The best way to work on your personal video goals? 1-on-1, with a professional coach who lives and breathes video — and knows your business goals.
In 2 weeks, we’ll work together on everything you want to learn – so you’ll know how to make professional-looking business videos with your smartphone. Perhaps you want to be more natural in front of the camera, gain technical skills to make your videos look more professional, or edit like a pro — or maybe you want to do it all! Whatever your goals are, in this custom program, you’ll have mastered your personal video goals.

  • Intake conversation where we meet and determine your video goals (through zoom/whatsapp).
  • We create a custom 2-week-plan tailored to your personal video goals. 
  • You receive personalized assignments via eMail or WhatsApp (or platform of your preference).
  • You practice and send me your videos. I’ll give you personal feedback and new assignments.
  • Two more Facetime/Zoom sessions can be scheduled during these 2 weeks.
  • You receive access to my eCourse ‘smartphone video for companies’ with 30+ video tutorials — perfect to check back to after you’re done with the 3-week program.
  • After following the two-week plan, you’ll have mastered your personal video goals.