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Being calm and confident in front of a camera does not come natural to most people.

In our renewed Camera Confidence Course, we give you practical tips, tools and daily challenges for a powerful camera presence on camera. We’re Pelpina, and Joseffa, two sisters – and we work with cameras daily.

You can start immediately – the course is ready to go!


To us, it also did not come naturally: it took time, practice (and lots of mistakes!) to develop a powerful camera presence. In this course, we share practical tips and exercises you can start applying immediately, videos with our personal learnings and stories, and we dare you to take part in several challenges!

We are sisters Pelpina and Joseffa. We work in film and video – and we are in front of a camera daily! Pelpina has extensive experience as a host and presenter for (national) TV news and in online video. She has also trained hundreds of companies in creating effective business videos. Joseffa is an actress in the American film industry, hosts and produces business videos, and runs a successful YouTube channel.


I can highly recommend the camera confidence course of Pelpina and Joseffa. So many practical tips I use very often, such as simple tricks to become more energized in front of a camera (jumping jacks!), and practicing your facial expression in front of a mirror. Great to use not just for me, but also while filming/interviewing others. Follow them on social too, they share a lot of bonus tips!

Marike Bongers

Marketing & Communication , GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord

“Their enthousiasm and personalities are infectious! Even the most shy course participants filmed and posted their first videos. And… with their tips it took me only 3 takes! Higly recommend!”

Angelique Bemelmans

Marketing Advisor

Pelpina interactive webinar



You learn by DOING.  In each of the 5 steps of the self-guided course, you will find different videos, a ton of practical tips, and hands-on challenges.

You’ll learn how to use your voice, body language and expression in a powerful way – so your viewers understand and believe what you have to say.

You can keep up with your progress and everything you’ve learned in your personal workbook. Expect to learn a lot about yourself, and get out of your comfort zone. We believe you learn most by doing!

You can participate in this course from the comfort of your own home or office (everything is digital), and you don’t need an expensive camera – simply your phone or webcam will do.


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  • Learn how you can communicate in a powerful, personal way on camera
  • Understand how to effectively and convincingly use your voice, expression and body language – so your viewers understand, believe and trust you
  • Get to know yourself: how do you communicate, what impression do you make on others? And how would you like to come across?
  • Learn practical ways to control your nerves, so you can speak freely and from the right energy
  • You can keep track of your findings and progress in your interactive workbook, which you can re-open and work on at any time.
  • Do exercises and challenges to conquer any fears you might have – while we cheer you on!



Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
After purchase, you automatically receive access to the self-guided course 

Anywhere! Your home, office, or caravan on the beach – as long as you can download the PDF, you are good to go!

How do I take the course?
The course consists of a PDF (interactive eBook) with 5 steps. You decide when you start, take breaks, and when you do the challenges. You receive access for 3 months.

39 Euros (about 43 dollars)

What do I need?
Just your laptop or phone. If you want to keep track and fill out the workbook, a laptop/desktop works best.

Who should take this course?
Anyone who’d like to develop a powerful camera presence for videos, meetings and/or livestreams


After purchase, you receive access automatically. No need to login.

The interactive PDF consists of 5 steps with a ton of tutorials, clickable lists and  text forms.

The course is self-guided. You decide when you start, when you take breaks, and how many challenges you join.

You can go through the entire course in one afternoon, but you can also spread it out over a few days or weeks.  You’ll receive access for 3 months.

You can open the PDF from any device as long as it has internet. But – the interactive elements in the course work best when you download and open the PDF.

5 steps to camera confidence

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