Withdrawal Agreement Eu Uk

The NI Protocol, known as the “backstop,” is intended to be temporary and valid unless it is replaced by an agreement on the future relationship that the parties will seek to conclude by December 31, 2020. The Protocol foresees that the common travel area and North-South cooperation will continue to a large extent as […]

Venture Capital Form Agreements

The venture capital lexicon defines the terms typically used in an initial funding round to provide founders and seed investors with background information and explanations of terminology during funding rounds. The SPA is the contract with which investors buy preferred shares and sell a startup. The SPA contains the necessary basic information on the […]

Trigger Agreement Definition

If the business owns life insurance, the proceeds received after the death of an owner can be used to acquire that owner`s shares in his or her estate. The exhaustion point defines the maximum coverage rate. The difference between the point of fixation and the point of exhaustion indicates the maximum liability of an […]

Toon Agreement

The additional terms in this Section 5.C apply only to your use of applications downloaded from the Apple Inc. (“Apple”) iTunes App Store (“iTunes Applications”). You agree that this agreement exists exclusively between you and Warner and not between Apple and that Apple is not responsible for the iTunes applications or their content. Apple […]

The Key Agreements

The company and each of its subsidiaries are largely in compliance with one of the main agreements, licenses and agreements and have no substantial breaches of these conditions, and, to the knowledge of the company and its subsidiaries, all other parties to the key agreements are, in all essential respects, in conformity with one […]