Sports Sponsorship Agreement Template Uk

For example, in a sponsorship agreement for a single player or athlete, the sponsor may terminate the contract if the sponsored person`s behavior may damage the sponsor`s reputation. This is especially important when a sports personality can be involved in a scandal outside the sports arena, which could ruin the family image of the brand they sponsor. A written agreement setting out the standards expected of individuals and the consequences of an infringement means that the sponsor can act quickly if necessary. Agreements may be used either by the Promoter or by the Sponsor or Sponsored Person. While proposals are fair to both parties, they can be treated to favour one over the other. The agreement also contains other legal paragraphs that are generally not included in such agreements and that protect both parties in the event of subsequent disagreement or non-performance. These can also be processed according to your needs. However, this has been the subject of much criticism from a German consumer organisation. Therefore, many organisers who have similar agreements with credit card sponsors will authorise other means of payment in order to avoid conflicting with Article 81 EC, which prohibits anti-competitive agreements. A longer form (for a single event) is also available. It is designed to be used when the sponsor is a larger commercial or non-profit enterprise, or a charity or other non-profit organization and the sponsorship payment is a considerable sum. The mutual obligations clauses of the agreement are used to define elements such as those listed below (without being limited): they can be used for a variety of unique or periodic events, through a single sports contest where the sponsor receives publicity rights and a corporate hospitality suite in return for financial support. at a DIY exhibition during which the promoter obtains additional or alternative rights, such as the right to sell products from a stand or the right to advertise as a sponsor of the event on marketing material.

There is also an optional provision stating that the sponsor cannot enter into a sponsorship agreement or agreement regarding competing events, etc. Sponsorship agreements often offer exclusivity over certain products. For example, MasterCard was the official sponsor of the 2006 World Cup tournament in Germany, so if you wanted to buy tickets for the event, you could only use a MasterCard. Similarly, a person`s sponsorship contract largely covers what each party makes available to the other. These agreements are suitable for sponsoring an individual or for events such as an exhibition, a show or a sports tournament. Sports sponsorship contracts should be formalized in writing….