Sample Affinity Agreement

C. During the initial period, each extension and for [number] (#]) years after the expiration of this Agreement, WIPO International Co.PCT Patent Co. shall communicate any offer, proposal or request addressed to wiPO International Co. by any enterprise wishing to provide services to WIPO International Co. similar to those of PCT Patent Co. under this Agreement. PCT Patent Co. has every right to compare such an offer, proposal or application, and WIPO International Co. will enter into an agreement with PCT Patent Co. to provide services in accordance with these contractual terms. 1. SCOPE OF WORK WIPO International Co.

commits to PCT Patent Co. to entrust the development, adaptation, maintenance and management of an internet-based affinity and usefulness marketing program, known as [Program Name], as well as other services, as set forth in Appendices A and B, in order to enable membership in WIPO International Co. (“Members”) to register online or elsewhere, check product information and purchase products and/or services from different distributors on the Internet. PCT Patent Co. declares that the provision of the Services shall be of professional quality and that it shall be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the conditions set out in this Agreement. D. For the execution of this agreement, wiPO International Co., PCT Patent Co. In addition to all other fees provided for in this Agreement, pay a [number] fee in U.S. dollars ($[#].). Upon signature, WIPO International Co.PCT Patent Co. This agreement takes precedence over all other documents that may be in contradiction.

B.PCT Patent Co. represents and warrants to WIPO International Co. that it has the right to enter into this agreement and that its performance is not contrary to any other agreement. . . .