Ford Uaw Collective Bargaining Agreement

The UAW will negotiate with the ACF on Monday. Negotiating teams led by Rory Gamble, vice president of the UAW-Ford Department, and Bill Dirksen, Ford`s vice president for labor affairs, quickly reached an agreement after “seriously” starting discussion on economic issues on Monday. Contract negotiations with the Detroit Three moved to Ford after GM workers, who had been on strike for six weeks, ratified their deal on Friday. With a preliminary agreement proposal in hand, the union will go to its National Ford Council, made up of all local UAW leaders, to review and vote on them for submission to members. If they do, they will go to the ratification vote in front of Ford`s 55,000 members. “We are thrilled to have quickly reached an agreement with the UAW without costly production interruptions,” said Joe Hinrichs, Automotive`s Ford president. “This agreement helps Ford improve our competitiveness and protect well-paying manufacturing jobs. In collaboration with the UAW, we have eased our operations, while keeping labor costs in line with expected inflation costs in U.S. manufacturing, while rewarding our employees for their significant contributions to the company. Unlike recent agreements with General Motors Corp. and Chrysler, this agreement was reached without a brief strike. These contracts, which provide for the transfer of retirees` health care debts to a unionized trust and the hiring of new basic self-employed individuals at significantly lower wages and benefits, have both been ratified.

The United Automobile Workers union announced Friday that the deal was supported by 56 percent of voters. William Gould IV, professor emeritus of law at Stanford University and former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, declared his first job outside of Cornell Law: work in the legal staff of Solidarity House under then-President Walter Reuther. This agreement maintains Ford`s labor cost structure similar to that of its domestic competitors “At the time, they allowed us to participate in the discussions. They always asked, “Who will be the first employer we look for to define our way of negotiating?” And at that time, the argument was strong in favor of Ford. The Ford family is here and we can manage them more efficiently than the other two. The union`s “model bargaining strategy” has earned unspecified wage and benefit gains with Ford and secured more than $6 billion in product investments in U.S. institutions, Gamble said in a statement. The investments will create or maintain more than 8,500 jobs, but no specific number of new jobs have been indicated. These days, UAW and Ford negotiators quickly reached an agreement during talks at the Ford World headquarters in Dearborn, known as Glass House.

After an ugly six-week strike against GM, which cost the automaker about $3 billion and resulted in thousands of layoffs outside GM, many correctly predicted a smooth lawsuit with Ford.