Mansour Mining Collective Agreement

DSI, which describes itself as the “world leader” in the design, development, production and supply of underground mining products and systems, employs more than 2,000 people worldwide with production sites and warehouses in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. An international mine supplier has closed its Sudbury store, but could recall some of its workforce, according to a union official. Their collective agreement expired on March 31 and Local 598 was in the process of compiling packages of proposals. The company manufactures a range of products for mining, from rock bolts to mine ventilation. He arrived in Sudbury last October when DSI acquired 100 per cent of the property of Mansour Mining Technologies, based in Sudbury, on Lorne Street. Charron was told that some welders are being sued because there is still some unfinished work with ventilation ducts, supports and brakes. The union will meet with management on Friday to discuss exit packages for affected workers, he said. Want to read more stories about business in the North? Subscribe to our newsletter. “They are planning to reopen the resin, which will lead to recalls,” Charron said.

CTV News Of Northern Ontario contacted ISS management with request for comment Thursday afternoon and will update this story with the response. “We will continue to discuss a package of closures and do what we can do for our members.” He stated that the layoffs were not related to the COVID 19 crisis, but were part of the ISD`s plans to centralize operations in Sturgeon Falls. “They told us today that they wanted to open it sooner rather than later.” Although Charron was unsure why or when the company justifies the layoffs, it was informed that 21 employees would remain at DSI Canada following a conference call with DSI Canada management in Saskatoon on May 1. “These are pretty well paid jobs and it`s sad to lose them,” said Marcel Charron, president of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor. The store provides, among other things, ground support equipment to underground mines in the Sudbury area, such as rebar, rock bolts and ladder bars. The facility was closed last fall because the formulations did not meet the new company`s standards, he said. SUDBURY — About 100 employees of DSI Underground Canada in Greater Sudbury have been laid off, as confirmed Thursday by the union that represents the workers. According to Charron, about 15 workers will remain in the city for now.

As far as he knows, the layoffs are not related to LA COVID-19. The multinational acquired the former Mansour Mining Technologies last October and operated it under the banner of DSI Underground Canada. On April 30, DSI Underground Canada announced to employees that its 100 unionized employees were being laid off. With respect to the overall health of the company, Mr. Charron said there had been a slight slowdown, as some minor mines were temporarily maintained and maintained, but most major mines across Canada remain in operation. He expressed the hope that there would be opportunities for Sudbury employees to obtain positions at the DSI Sturgeon Falls store. “We asked today if they (members) could be at the top of the list and they (CIO Canada) were not sure.