Agreement For Music Director

(g) Expected royalties are payable only in cases where you are the exclusive author of the entire score, including words and music. If one or more song writers are authors with you in any part of the score, including an author commissioned by the producer to translate words or add or modify words, or to revise or modify the music before or after your delivery to the Score producer, all royalties will be shared equally between you and any other author. , unless timely written instructions of contrary indications are obtained by the producers of you and all other authors. The following is the agreement (“agreement”) reached between LLC. (ASCAP) (“Producer”) and “you”) with respect to your film production services with the provisional title “[insert film titles here]” (the “production”). 3. Producer uses composing to write, compose, orchestrate, perform, record and producer music suitable for use as the full background score for the image. The composer will bear the full cost of music, studio or equipment rentals, guild or union fees, or other costs incurred in the preparation of the work, except for the band`s equipment costs. (ii) for each part of the recording with live musicians, to help the producer organize, if necessary, the typical production and recording processes covered by Section 6, “Admission Fee.” (Composer may, at the manufacturer`s request and on the basis of the manufacturer`s budget, enter into a separate contract for some or all online admission fees.) 6.

Non-dramatic performance license. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of Schedule “A,” Appendix “A” does not have a non-dramatic performance licence from ASCAP, BMI or any other applicable company covering non-dramatic performance of the score, or where required by a television unit. , or if the manufacturer wishes in all cases (regardless of the ownership of the licenses applicable by the television unit), the producer or its design owner automatically have the exclusive right for music publishers to grant each of that television establishment non-dramatic performance rights to and from the score for production use.